COCOANUT ROW’S art advisory division specializes in distributed ledger technology and NFT art.


While the crypto art space is still in its infancy, we are on the cutting edge educating and advising private and institutional clients as they navigate the space in search of satisfaction and value.


COCOANUT ROW is also working hand-in-hand with a new generation of talented artists assisting their efforts in bringing their portfolios into this digital realm.

NFT Incubator

A division of COCOANUT ROW was created as an incubator to selectively partner with emerging artists with the purpose of acquiring and producing art and other collectibles that will be tokenized and issued to shareholders of COCOANUT ROW as dividends.


COCOANUT ROW feels that superior returns can be achieved by taking a “venture approach” to investing in art using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in partnership with the artists. Artists are encouraged to develop new commissions as well as revitalize previous work under the auspices of this powerful new medium.


This revolutionary method of closely managed shared ownership is a truly a significant technological step forward for any and all digital IP using NFTs.


COCOANUT ROW is also creating a truly unique initiative where crypto artists work together, in coordination with the COCOANUT ROW team, to create individual equity participation in a collaborative collection of NFT art thus hedging the artists potential return on their efforts.